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Who's The Jørnalist

Jørn Madslien is a writer, communicator and broadcaster, 

with more than 20 years experience as a journalist for BBC News, CNBC, Dow Jones, Institutional Investor and Professional Engineering Magazine.


Jørn created The Jørnalist in 2014 to bring you news, views and storytelling on diverse subjects ranging from politics and economis, to automotive and energy, to sustainability and luxury.

The Jørnalist is a product of a digital revolution that has changed both how media is produced and how it is consumed.

It is proof, if proof is needed, that the means of production are now in the hands of anyone who wants to communicate openly and transparently with audiences everywhere.

As a digital publication, The Jørnalist operates in a crowded market, dominated by traditional media organisations such as some of my former employers; BBC, CNBC and Dow Jones, with relative newcomers such as Huffington Post, Gawker and Buzzfeed challenging their hegemony.


Bloggers and vloggers are also seeking the attention of audiences, as are ordinary people who share their thougths and impressions on social media.


But perhaps the most interesting entrants to the media market are the voices of special interests, whether non-governmental organisations, governmental and intergovernmental bodies, or corporate voices.


Every company is now a media company, and that includes not just corporates, but charities and political outfits too.


They are all competing with each other for your time and attention, whether you watch and read on your phone or on your desktop computer, at times trying to sell you their products and services, though increasingly focusing on promoting ideas and values.


We can fear this development, or we can celebrate it. The Jørnalist has chosen to embrace it, while simultaneously inviting you to treat it with caution. I would recommend readers and viewers to be sceptical, to question and to analyse the media you consume.


The Jørnalist's focus is on great stories, whether written work, films or animations. Stories that provoke thought and at times also action. Stories that have been produced by both traditional and new media players, both objective work and creations by organisations with agendas.


Comments and views are those of the authors. Publication does not equate endorsement, merely an expression of interest.


I hope you'll enjoy what you find.

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