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My other car is a 155mph super-sleigh

Gravity, as Guy Martin will tell you, is an excellent accelerant. In 2014, he hurtled down a ski slope on a streamlined toboggan at 83.49mph, setting the world record for the fastest speed on a gravity powered snow sled.

Now, though, a new sleigh aims to smash his record and set a new one of a frankly terrifying 155mph. It's called Snowspeed and it's being co-developed by Toyota Motorsport in Cologne, in the same wind tunnel the company uses to hone Le Mans cars. The pilot is TBC. Whoever drives it will need their wits in order.

"The front end has good stability," says Jorn Madslien, one of the three Norwegian friends running the project, "but the back end lacks downforce and moves from side to side, so we will stretch it, perhaps add a fin and possibly also a spoiler." Anything to avoid a 155mph tank slapper on a ski slope, eh?

The Jornalist

Jorn Madslien is a writer and broadcaster with more than 20 years experience as a journalist for BBC News, CNBC, Dow Jones and Institutional Investor.


Jorn created The Jornalist in 2015 to bring you generated news stories, views and glorious storytelling on automotive and energy, sustainability and luxury, global affairs and local angles, from a number of contributors. 

Please note that publication does not equate endorsement, merely an expression of interest.

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