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One man, one truck

One man, one truck. That's all it takes.

No army required. No weapons needed (though there were those too).

Armies and weapons cannot defeat such an enemy, and nor will border controls and separatism.

This is a time for dialogue, for analysis, for cooperation.

It is time to build trust, to explore options, to develop solutions.

We need brains and passion, not brawn and bashing.

This cannot be an arms race.

It must be a battle for hearts and minds.


The Jornalist

Jorn Madslien is a writer and broadcaster with more than 20 years experience as a journalist for BBC News, CNBC, Dow Jones and Institutional Investor.


Jorn created The Jornalist in 2015 to bring you generated news stories, views and glorious storytelling on automotive and energy, sustainability and luxury, global affairs and local angles, from a number of contributors. 

Please note that publication does not equate endorsement, merely an expression of interest.

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